Diving Deeper: Referrals Save You Time (So. Much. Time.)

Time. Our most precious commodity. Makes sense we’d prefer not to waste it. But we do, don’t we? It is unfortunate but true. One business growth strategy you might think takes a lot of time – possibly wasted time - is generating referrals. In fact, a top myth about referrals is that it takes so much time to make referrals happen. Thank goodness this myth is just that…a myth…a falsity…simply not true. In this series, we are unpacking the 5 top myths that make referrals so misunderstood. Those top 5 myths we are busting apart to release the truth are: Top 5 Referral Myths 1. To receive I must ask and that makes me uncomfortable (Fear of asking) 2. To [...]

Diving Deeper: Why You Shouldn’t Fear Referrals (because you should never ask)

This article is Part 3 in a series on unpacking why referrals are so misunderstood. We are looking closer at the top – though not all – referral myths that hold people back from actively pursuing receiving referrals. First up is the fear based myth - believing we must ask for referrals and network to death. Here are the links to Part One and Part Two in this series. Part One: Why Referrals Are So Misunderstood Part Two: Unpacking the Top Referral Myths Before we dive in deep to the most common referral myth (the myth based on fear), let’s look at all five again. Top 5 Referral Myths To receive I must ask and that makes me uncomfortable (Fear [...]

Unpacking the Top Referral Myths

In the last article I discussed why referrals are so misunderstood. We understand WHY we want referrals but we are fuzzy on WHAT is an actual referral and completely confused on HOW to generate them. Because we are confused on what a referral is and how to generate them (without asking, of course) – that drives a number of referral myths. [Read about the WHAT and the HOW here.] By definition a myth is not real…but since it is so widely held, it feels really, really real. Here are the top five referrals myths that I hear when I ask, “What is the one thing that holds you back from consistently generating referrals?” The answers – hundreds and hundreds of [...]

Why Referrals Are So Misunderstood

I don’t mean referrals are misunderstood in terms of why we want them or understanding how powerful referrals are. Most people get that part. Most understand referrals are powerful because the referral is “dropped in our laps” already trusting us (a key in deciding to buy) which means they are quicker and easier to close.  A referral is also less price sensitive because our value has already been established by the person referring us before we even meet. Because we understand the power of a referral, we know why we want them. We understand the WHY. But we are fuzzy on the WHAT. And completely confused with the HOW. First, let’s look at why we are unclear on the what. [...]

Referral Platinum Principles that Can’t be Disregarded

I’m guessing you’ve heard of the golden rule and the platinum rule.  They provide a rule of thumb or practice to live by on how you treat other people.  When it comes to referrals there are practices to live by as well.  Which is good because having rules to live by provide us with a roadmap to follow and a context to use when we have an issue we aren’t sure how to proceed on.  There are 3 principles that govern the world of referrals…the 3 Platinum Principles™. 3 Platinum Principles™ Must be all about them Must be authentic to you Must keep you top of mind Let’s look at each on in more detail.  But first a reminder…referrals come [...]

Do You Believe These Four Referral Myths?

The truth is most people don’t understand that referral marketing is – by far – your most powerful sales and marketing tactic. That’s right…it is not Snapchat or Periscope or some other latest social media channel. And no, it’s not cold calling or a tradeshow sponsorship. While all of those may work and complement your overall sales and marketing strategy…nothing has the ability to directly connect your efforts with new clients like referrals. Unfortunately, Referral Marketing is the least utilized and least understood business growth tactic. But most people only dabble in referral marketing – they get a few referrals here and there so they don’t take it seriously as the powerful tactic that it is…because they don’t understand how [...]