Diving Deeper: Referrals Save You Time (So. Much. Time.)

Time. Our most precious commodity. Makes sense we’d prefer not to waste it. But we do, don’t we? It is unfortunate but true. One business growth strategy you might think takes a lot of time – possibly wasted time - is generating referrals. In fact, a top myth about referrals is that it takes so much time to make referrals happen. Thank goodness this myth is just that…a myth…a falsity…simply not true. In this series, we are unpacking the 5 top myths that make referrals so misunderstood. Those top 5 myths we are busting apart to release the truth are: Top 5 Referral Myths 1. To receive I must ask and that makes me uncomfortable (Fear of asking) 2. To [...]

The Day I Donated All of My Business Suits

I stepped into my closet, excited for the task before me. I was going to get rid of all of my business suits. Those business suits represented my corporate life, someone else’s dress code and someone else's imposed expectations for me and my performance. Photo by Tobias van Schneider on Unsplash [**See bottom of this post for the reason this post is off-topic from referrals and client experience.] When I started my first business I kept them around because I thought that is what I should do. My clients would expect me in a suit and they make me look older (not something I worry about now, a decade later).  The question I would always ask myself [...]