Why Referrals Are So Misunderstood

I don’t mean referrals are misunderstood in terms of why we want them or understanding how powerful referrals are. Most people get that part. Most understand referrals are powerful because the referral is “dropped in our laps” already trusting us (a key in deciding to buy) which means they are quicker and easier to close.  A referral is also less price sensitive because our value has already been established by the person referring us before we even meet. Because we understand the power of a referral, we know why we want them. We understand the WHY. But we are fuzzy on the WHAT. And completely confused with the HOW. First, let’s look at why we are unclear on the what. [...]

Using Real Examples, Let’s Unpack the Four Crucial Steps of a Client Experience

We are wrapping up our series on understanding and applying the 4 crucial steps to a killer client experience. In today’s article I will unpack and apply the four steps using a few real examples.  I won’t dive deep into explaining each of the four steps so if you need to review the four steps in detail, please check out the two previous posts listed below. Part One – Steps 1 and 2 of the 4 Crucial Steps to a Killer Client Experience Part Two – Steps 3 and 4 of the 4 Crucial Steps to a Killer Client Experience [After reading this article, check out the Stacey Brown Randall Live Show (Episode 20) where I go more in depth on [...]

Four Crucial Steps to a Killer Client Experience (Part Two)

In the last article, we covered the first two steps of the four steps in the Client Experience (CX).  I broke down understanding the Client Experience three-legged stool, the foundation (step one). And then I shared how to start a CX for maximum impact (step two). Now we will shift to unpacking the final two steps in the CX.  Overall these four steps will give you a great starting point to understanding your CX. (Remember, the abbreviation for Client Experience is CX.) Here are the four steps again for your reference. If you didn’t read Part One, I encourage you to do so before reading this article. 4 Crucial Steps to a Killer Client Experience (CX) Understanding the CX foundation How [...]

Four Crucial Steps to a Killer Client Experience (Part One)

When I say client experience, what do you hear? I wouldn’t be surprised if you answered with… “Sounds like a lot of work.” “Isn’t that the same thing as customer service?” “What the heck?” Don’t worry, if you haven’t heard of the term “client experience” you aren’t alone. But whether or not you have or haven’t heard of it…your business has one. Crazy, right? Your business has an experience you may not even be aware of. But we need to change that. [After reading this article, check out the Stacey Brown Randall Live Show (episode 18) where I go more in depth on the first two steps of the 4 steps of a client experience.] The client experience is a [...]

The Day I Donated All of My Business Suits

I stepped into my closet, excited for the task before me. I was going to get rid of all of my business suits. Those business suits represented my corporate life, someone else’s dress code and someone else's imposed expectations for me and my performance. Photo by Tobias van Schneider on Unsplash [**See bottom of this post for the reason this post is off-topic from referrals and client experience.] When I started my first business I kept them around because I thought that is what I should do. My clients would expect me in a suit and they make me look older (not something I worry about now, a decade later).  The question I would always ask myself [...]

Business Lessons Learned…From the Trenches of my Small Business Owner Clients

*This post is off-topic from my usual referral and client experience topics but contains some valuable lessons for all business owners so I wanted to share...enjoy! I could have titled this article 365 Days’ Worth of Business Lessons Learned from the Trenches of My Small Business Owner Clients. It just sounded too wordy. But it is the truth. Though I spend most of my time now building the online side of my business helping small business owners and solopreneurs follow my system to generate referrals without asking and to build sticky client experiences, I still have a few clients I coach monthly with a focus on business and productivity. The number of coaching clients has decreased over the last three [...]

How to Up-Level Your Client Experience Next Year

This article follows a previous article - How the Client Experience Elevates Referrals – to help you not only understand what a Client Experience (CX) is but how to follow a few simple steps to up-level your CX next year. In the first article, I explained what is a sticky client experience using the two parts that you deliver on that makes up the CX equation, when the CX starts (not to be confused with the buyer’s journey), what makes a CX “sticky” and why a sticky CX is important.  If you haven’t read that article yet, I encourage you to go back to read it first before continuing with this article. [After reading this article, check out the Stacey Brown [...]

How Are You Celebrating Your Referral Sources This Year?

This is it. The time has come. December starts in just days. Which brings up the MOST IMPORTANT question you will answer this holiday season. Oh yes, the most important question - and it is NOT what to get your kids, spouse, partner, parents, siblings, grandparents, cousins, friends or co-workers for Christmas or Hanukkah. (Not that we don’t love them dearly!) The most important question is...how will you celebrate your referral sources? [After reading this article, check out the Stacey Brown Randall Live Show (Episode 13) where I talk more about celebrating our referral sources.] If you have been working hard to cultivate and strengthen the relationships you have with those who refer you new clients then this is an important time of year. [...]

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Referrals on a Shoestring Budget

When I talk about how to create your referral generating plan, most people think a large budget is needed to make it work. It’s not (thankfully). But I understand how that perception happens. When I use words like “experience,” “memorable and meaningful” and “top of mind throughout the year” the typical thought is a sizeable budget is needed to go along with it. But the truth is you can have a successful referral generating plan on a shoestring budget or any size budget. [After reading this article, check out the Stacey Brown Randall Live Show (Episode 2) where I talk more abour creating referrals on a shoestring budget.] Here are some basic "rules" to consider when building a referral generating plan on a [...]

Understanding the Referral Mindset

“Can you tell me the catch?” she leaned in and asked. “The catch?” I said, confused. “Yes, the catch to how you generate referrals without asking. It seems too good to be true so there has to be a catch…” her voice trailed off sounding disappointed. This question wasn’t a surprise to me – when I share that I am able to generate more than 100 referrals each year for multiple years and do it without asking for those referrals, it piques interest and questions…like this one. [After reading this article, check out the Stacey Brown Randall Live Show (Episode 17) where I go in more depth on having the right mindset for generating referrals and why having the wrong mindset can hold [...]