How Are You Celebrating Your Referral Sources This Year?

This is it.

The time has come.

December starts in just days.

Which brings up the MOST IMPORTANT question you will answer this holiday season.

Oh yes, the most important question – and it is NOT what to get your kids, spouse, partner, parents, siblings, grandparents, cousins, friends or co-workers for Christmas or Hanukkah. (Not that we don’t love them dearly!)

The most important question is…how will you celebrate your referral sources?

[After reading this article, check out the Stacey Brown Randall Live Show (Episode 13) where I talk more about celebrating our referral sources.]

If you have been working hard to cultivate and strengthen the relationships you have with those who refer you new clients then this is an important time of year.

And if you are new to growing and cultivating relationships with referral sources then this is a great time of year to create a tradition of thanking and acknowledging those who help you grow your business.


Well because the reality is…this is the time of year – more than any other time of year – where we reflect on our lives, gives thanks, celebrate tradition and anticipate a better year next year.

And who better to thank and celebrate than those who help us grow our businesses, save us time by “hand-delivering” new clients to us, and allow us to help those who need what we do best.

You don’t want to go quiet this time of year.

I know, I know…I can hear you already.

  • “But I’m exhausted – Thanksgiving is days away and then I’ll have to start decorating the house and tree.” 
  • “I still have to handle the client work I have for December.”  
  • “My year didn’t shape up the way I had hoped so I am all hands-on deck to get some more clients in the door, I don’t have time for anything else.”
  • “I have all these gifts to buy and then wrap and I’m running out of time to get it all done.”

So which excuse are you?

Maybe you are all four, maybe just one or two? I totally get it except…

You do not want to go quiet this time of year.

Find a way to make time and celebrate, thank and acknowledge the most important people in your business…your referral sources.  There are your business’ heroes…let’s treat them right.

Have a budget?  Then send a gift – make it memorable, unique to them, or special. A goal is to make them pause in appreciation or make them laugh.

Don’t have a budget?  Then send a handwritten note letting them know you are thankful for them.

And don’t stress about the timing of your thank you card or gift…just get it done so it does the job intended…not allowing the year to pass without acknowledging how much your referral sources mean to you.  Sometimes we over-complicate what shouldn’t be complicated.

Now of course I believe to generate a consistent, steady stream of referrals into your business you need a plan of memorable and meaningful outreach to follow – you need more than just one gift or one thank you note – but this is a special and unique time of year. A time of giving thanks, a time of reflection, a time of recognizing that we made it through another year…maybe not as successfully as we imagined at the end of last year…but this is a special time of year.  And our referral sources need to know that we appreciate them and what they mean to our business.

Let me say it again…whatever you do – don’t go quiet this time of year.  

Your business in 2018 will thank you.


Here’s to your referral success this year, next year and every year after!

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