Where Referrals Fit in Your Sales Strategy

New clients. The name of the game to grow our businesses (or book of business).  Every year we set metrics and goals for how many new clients we need to bring on. Whether your number is 10 or 100 new clients needed every year, I’ll bet you have some kind of plan or strategy to hit that number.  Your plan will have the activities you need to do on a daily, monthly or quarterly basis to help you hit the number.  Activities like networking, cold calling, direct mail, LinkedIn prospecting, Facebook ads, SEO, publicity via earned media, social media updates, attending trade shows, etc.  For some it is a well detailed plan that took hours to create and for others [...]

Manufactured Referrals Never Work

Have you ever asked for a referral before? What happened? Did the person you asked answer with a stock response like, "let me think about it?" (And did they ever get back to you with names of people for you to call or email?) Or did they almost automatically sit back in their chair or start to shift in their seat?  When they moved back from you they are subconsciously trying to distance themselves from the request you just made.  And the shift in their chair means they are uncomfortable. Why does that happen? Because you attempted to manufacture a referral...meaning you tried to create one that doesn't exist. Now you could argue that asking allows the other person to [...]

30 Ways to Take Control of Your Referrals (Cool Infographic too)

So if I can't ask for referrals and I can't pay for referrals, how in the heck do I generate referrals? Excellent question. And it is one I hear a lot. My answer is always the same...just because you shouldn't ask for referrals or pay for them doesn't mean you do nothing.  You just have to know what to do and then do it consistently to generate referrals in your business.  It is how I consistently generate triple digit referrals (over 100) year in and year out in my coaching practice.  Or how an attorney has generated 2,730 referrals in the last 13 years (that's approximately 210 referrals per year).  Or how a CPA brings in 57% of new clients [...]

What does goal setting, sabbaticals and referrals have in common?

It may seem like goal setting, sabbaticals and referrals don't have much in common but for me they do. I didn't arrive at one - the sabbatical - without the other two - goal setting and referrals. But first let’s back up and let me ask you a question…a super important question...have you spent any time over the last month or days planning for 2017? Business planning is very important and in the rush to "get it all done," or "hit your numbers" before the end of the year, business owners can overlook the need to plan. I take my clients through a Reverse Goal Setting Process™ where we look far enough out to connect the goals we are setting for [...]

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Referral Platinum Principles that Can’t be Disregarded

I’m guessing you’ve heard of the golden rule and the platinum rule.  They provide a rule of thumb or practice to live by on how you treat other people.  When it comes to referrals there are practices to live by as well.  Which is good because having rules to live by provide us with a roadmap to follow and a context to use when we have an issue we aren’t sure how to proceed on.  There are 3 principles that govern the world of referrals…the 3 Platinum Principles™. 3 Platinum Principles™ Must be all about them Must be authentic to you Must keep you top of mind Let’s look at each on in more detail.  But first a reminder…referrals come [...]

All “Referrals” Aren’t Referrals and Aren’t Created Equal

The definition of a referral has become extremely diluted today.  Most sales lingo generalizes different types of lead generation and unfortunately groups together terms because they seem similar.  Terms like introduction and word of mouth buzz are explained to be the same as a referral.  But nothing could be further from the truth. Being introduced to someone is not necessarily the same as being referred to someone.  And even though someone spoke really highly of you to a friend yesterday (word of mouth buzz) it doesn’t mean it’s a referral. I see people confuse and misuse these terms all the time. So how do you know the difference?  How do you know what is a real referral? Let me break [...]

Do You Believe These Four Referral Myths?

The truth is most people don’t understand that referral marketing is – by far – your most powerful sales and marketing tactic. That’s right…it is not Snapchat or Periscope or some other latest social media channel. And no, it’s not cold calling or a tradeshow sponsorship. While all of those may work and complement your overall sales and marketing strategy…nothing has the ability to directly connect your efforts with new clients like referrals. Unfortunately, Referral Marketing is the least utilized and least understood business growth tactic. But most people only dabble in referral marketing – they get a few referrals here and there so they don’t take it seriously as the powerful tactic that it is…because they don’t understand how [...]

Get More Business Referrals

Brandon Uttley, the Go for Launch show host and I cover a lot of ground in our discussion, with topics that include: My first entrepreneurial venture (in HR generational consulting) How I got my first big client Why the business ultimately failed The three secrets I learned from the experience Why just building my own brand and reputation was not enough from a business standpoint How I developed a “bulletproof mindset” The advice someone gave me about building a “lifestyle business” that was totally counterproductive to success What happened when I did not pay attention to shifts in the market My – painful – experience in having to go back to a corporate job (in the financial services industry) How [...]

112 Referrals Didn’t Just Happen

It's true...112 referrals didn't just happen in my business. --They didn't happen because I am awesome (though my parents would tell you I am). --They didn't happen because I had been in business for 10 years and had a stellar reputation as a business coach. --And they didn't happen because I have a hundreds of close and personal friends. When I closed out 2014 with 112 referrals my business was exactly 16 months old. Read that again...only 16 months old and 112 people had been referred to me. My coaching practice started in September 2013 with one client. I flew the "corporate world" coup at the end of August and had one paying client. Yep that is right, one [...]


Reward the Right Referral Behavior

I was working with a client on his referral strategy and he told me about an idea he picked up from another business owner. The business owner gave away a weekend vacation as part of a raffle to recognize referrals received. For every client who provided a referral that became a client they were entered into the raffle for a chance to win. The more referrals, the more chances to win. There are just a few problems with this idea. 1. Rewarding the Wrong Behavior This raffle only includes, and therefore only rewards, those people who provided a referral which became a client. A giveaway like this send the message that your referrals only matter if the referral becomes a [...]