How the Client Experience Elevates Your Referrals

The most important aspect in generating referrals is something I can’t help you with. You are 100% on your own for this critical piece. And interestingly enough, it doesn't have anything to do with your direct referral generating plan. But it has everything to do with understanding the client experience. What is this crucial piece - the foundation - to setting yourself up to receive referrals. That you do great work. No one will refer to you if you do crappy work.  But it is more than just giving bad advice or delivering a shoddy product. Clients also view "crappy work" when the experience they were expecting by working with you, doesn't happen.  When the client experience is not aligned from the client’s expectations [...]


The Lost Referral (and How to Save Yours)

Do you think you have captured all of the referrals you have ever received? I mean Every. Last. One. I hope your answer is yes but all too often the answer is no.  If we are being completely honest.  And I always want you to be honest with me.  Because knowing where you stand is the first step to figuring out the path to where you want to be.  But if you don’t know or aren’t honest about where you are starting, how can you move forward in the right direction? I believe the easiest process when it comes to generating referrals is capturing the referral. I didn’t always think that way.  In fact, having to track where the referral [...]


Referrals on a Shoestring Budget

When I talk about how to create your referral generating plan, most people think a large budget is needed to make it work. It’s not (thankfully). But I understand how that perception happens. When I use words like “experience,” “memorable and meaningful” and “top of mind throughout the year” the typical thought is a sizeable budget is needed to go along with it. But the truth is you can have a successful referral generating plan on a shoestring budget or any size budget. Here are some basic "rules" to consider when building a referral generating plan on a shoestring budget. One idea I am going to give you for free so read on! Rule 1. Focus on Building Connections At the heart [...]

What To Do When You Need More Referral Sources

Do you ever wonder who is worth seeking referrals from and who is not? It is one of the questions I receive repeatedly. To have a healthy referral generating plan that is actually producing results you need to have a base of referral sources – people who send you referrals. But figuring out who those people should be can be tricky. Unfortunately (and fortunately because that would be weird), we don't go walking around with "A+ referral source" and "C- referral source" signs attached to us. From our we are looking to cultivate more referral sources...that would be awesome if everyone did. In fact, my research shows that only about 30% of a client base or 30% of the people [...]


What the Heck is a Referral Experience?

If you are going to generate referrals without asking for them you are going to have to create a referral experience for your referral sources, the people who send you referrals or those you want to send you referrals. Just dropping in or calling to say hi every few weeks isn’t going to cut it. Neither is your automated eNewsletter or those generic cards you send that you didn’t even sign. You are going to have to do better.  Much better. You are going to have to create an experience. An experience created through connections that build and strengthen a relationship.  Because referrals only come from relationships and it is critical that you have solid relationships with your referral sources.  [...]


Understanding the Referral Mindset

“Can you tell me the catch?” she leaned in and asked. “The catch?” I said, confused. “Yes, the catch to how you generate referrals without asking. It seems too good to be true so there has to be a catch…” her voice trailed off sounding disappointed. This question wasn’t a surprise to me – when I share that I am able to generate more than 100 referrals each year for multiple years and do it without asking for those referrals, it piques interest and questions…like this one. “There isn’t really a catch,” I started to explain when she jumped in and said, “But on that podcast interview, you mentioned having a ‘secret sauce’ to how you generate referrals without asking.” I [...]

Where Referrals Fit in Your Sales Strategy

New clients. The name of the game to grow our businesses (or book of business).  Every year we set metrics and goals for how many new clients we need to bring on. Whether your number is 10 or 100 new clients needed every year, I’ll bet you have some kind of plan or strategy to hit that number.  Your plan will have the activities you need to do on a daily, monthly or quarterly basis to help you hit the number.  Activities like networking, cold calling, direct mail, LinkedIn prospecting, Facebook ads, SEO, publicity via earned media, social media updates, attending trade shows, etc.  For some it is a well detailed plan that took hours to create and for others [...]

Manufactured Referrals Never Work

Have you ever asked for a referral before? What happened? Did the person you asked answer with a stock response like, "let me think about it?" (And did they ever get back to you with names of people for you to call or email?) Or did they almost automatically sit back in their chair or start to shift in their seat?  When they moved back from you they are subconsciously trying to distance themselves from the request you just made.  And the shift in their chair means they are uncomfortable. Why does that happen? Because you attempted to manufacture a referral...meaning you tried to create one that doesn't exist. Now you could argue that asking allows the other person to [...]

30 Ways to Take Control of Your Referrals (Cool Infographic too)

So if I can't ask for referrals and I can't pay for referrals, how in the heck do I generate referrals? Excellent question. And it is one I hear a lot. My answer is always the same...just because you shouldn't ask for referrals or pay for them doesn't mean you do nothing.  You just have to know what to do and then do it consistently to generate referrals in your business.  It is how I consistently generate triple digit referrals (over 100) year in and year out in my coaching practice.  Or how an attorney has generated 2,730 referrals in the last 13 years (that's approximately 210 referrals per year).  Or how a CPA brings in 57% of new clients [...]

What does goal setting, sabbaticals and referrals have in common?

It may seem like goal setting, sabbaticals and referrals don't have much in common but for me they do. I didn't arrive at one - the sabbatical - without the other two - goal setting and referrals. But first let’s back up and let me ask you a question…a super important question...have you spent any time over the last month or days planning for 2017? Business planning is very important and in the rush to "get it all done," or "hit your numbers" before the end of the year, business owners can overlook the need to plan. I take my clients through a Reverse Goal Setting Process™ where we look far enough out to connect the goals we are setting for [...]

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