Four Crucial Steps to a Killer Client Experience

When I say client experience, what do you hear? I wouldn’t be surprised if you answered with… “Sounds like a lot of work.” “Isn’t that the same thing as customer service?” “What the heck?” Don’t worry, if you haven’t heard of the term “client experience” you aren’t alone. But whether or not you have or haven’t heard of it…your business has one. Crazy, right? Your business has an experience you may not even be aware of. But we need to change that. The client experience is a crucial part of your business and all of your clients experience it – whether they are a new client or have been a client for 10+ years. The client experience, or CX, for [...]

The Day I Donated All of My Business Suits

I stepped into my closet, excited for the task before me. I was going to get rid of all of my business suits. Those business suits represented my corporate life, someone else’s dress code and someone else's imposed expectations for me and my performance. Photo by Tobias van Schneider on Unsplash [**See bottom of this post for the reason this post is off-topic from referrals and client experience.] When I started my first business I kept them around because I thought that is what I should do. My clients would expect me in a suit and they make me look older (not something I worry about now, a decade later).  The question I would always ask myself when [...]

Business Lessons Learned…From the Trenches of my Small Business Owner Clients

*This post is off-topic from my usual referral and client experience topics but contains some valuable lessons for all business owners so I wanted to share...enjoy! I could have titled this article 365 Days’ Worth of Business Lessons Learned from the Trenches of My Small Business Owner Clients. It just sounded too wordy. But it is the truth. Though I spend most of my time now building the online side of my business helping small business owners and solopreneurs follow my system to generate referrals without asking and to build sticky client experiences, I still have a few clients I coach monthly with a focus on business and productivity. The number of coaching clients has decreased over the last three [...]

How to Up-Level Your Client Experience Next Year

This article follows a previous article - How the Client Experience Elevates Referrals – to help you not only understand what a Client Experience (CX) is but how to follow a few simple steps to up-level your CX next year. In the first article, I explained what is a sticky client experience using the two parts that you deliver on that makes up the CX equation, when the CX starts (not to be confused with the buyer’s journey), what makes a CX “sticky” and why a sticky CX is important.  If you haven’t read that article yet, I encourage you to go back to read it first before continuing with this article. Your clients feel a certain way when working [...]

How Are You Celebrating Your Referral Sources This Year?

This is it. The time has come. December starts in just days. Which brings up the MOST IMPORTANT question you will answer this holiday season. Oh yes, the most important question - and it is NOT what to get your kids, spouse, partner, parents, siblings, grandparents, cousins, friends or co-workers for Christmas or Hanukkah. (Not that we don’t love them dearly!) The most important question will you celebrate your referral sources? If you have been working hard to cultivate and strengthen the relationships you have with those who refer you new clients then this is an important time of year. And if you are new to growing and cultivating relationships with referral sources then this is a great time of year to [...]

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Thanksgiving Thoughts About Thanksgiving Cards (and Other Holiday Cards)

It’s about to be that time of year…when the mailboxes begin to overflow with Thanksgiving cards followed by Christmas, Hanukkah and holiday cards. Some people consider sending a Thanksgiving card so they can stand out from all the Christmas or Holiday cards that will hit in December. I totally get it. If you are going to take the time to have a card printed and mailed you want to make sure those receiving it actually pay attention to it. Except sending a card on another holiday to avoid an even larger holiday doesn't really work…unless you make sure your Thanksgiving card (or any holiday card) has two critical factors in place that will allow it to have the desired effect.  The [...]

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How My Sales Language Changed After I Started Receiving Referrals

If you have ever attended sales training, read a sales book, or had someone teach you to “sell” – it may be hurting how you deal with and close a referral. I’m not saying what you were taught is wrong but the sales advice and techniques won’t work when you are having a first meeting with a referral.  With a referral you need to shift your mindset. One way I see people mess up a first meeting with a referral is to approach with the wrong language. They use cold language by sticking with a cold script and seem to have a “something to prove” mentality. Or they spend too much time explaining the features and benefits following a process [...]


How Promo Swag is Killing Your Referral Strategy

Who doesn't love snagging free stuff from companies? You know the stress ball, the hat, koozie, UBS flash drive...reminds me of my college days where you could get a t-shirt just for signing up for a credit card...or two or three.  More applications = more t-shirts.  Woo hoo! Currently – at the time of the writing of this article – I am attending a conference in Minneapolis and the promo swag (or promotional material) is flowing.  What makes swag – or free items – promo swag is when you put your company logo on it.  Some of it is really cool…like the really nice notebooks, the coconut oil, the wine charms, a plate. But most of it will end up [...]


It Was Like Looking in a Mirror…A Referral Generation Success Story

Over 3,000 referrals since 2003. That’s around 200 referrals per year. Every year for the past 15 years. And that is just what he has tracked in a spreadsheet (since 2003).   Prior to switching over to tracking in excel he kept a list of all referrals and referral sources in the back of his yearly paper calendars since 1977, the year he started his own law practice. Just amazing. And 100% possible. From time to time I have people tell me their business is built by 100% referrals.  As you can imagine my ears perk up and I want to know more. I always ask to interview those who have a business built by 100% referrals to see what else I [...]


5 Steps to Creating a Referral Generating Plan

Will you do me a favor? Please close your eyes (okay just close one until you read the next line.) Imagine what the perfect day looks like for you and your business. Just take a moment – close your eyes – and imagine it.  It’s okay, I’ll wait. Now how many days a week or month or year do you have where what you imagined is actual reality, the perfect imagined day is real day? For me the perfect day involves getting a walk in, actually eating breakfast and dinner with my husband and kids, spending time working on my most valuable and important tasks (like creating content, delivering a VIP referral session or training with a client or answering [...]