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Give me half a day and you’ll leave the session with your referral experience completely built, automated within your business and ready to launch for 2018.

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4th Quarter 2017
Charlotte, NC

Imagine spending only 4 hours to have your 2018 referral generating plan created and set so you know exactly what to do throughout 2018 to consistently grow your referrals.

In this LIVE, hands-on session I will walk you through exactly what to do, provide you with all the materials you need and make sure you don’t leave until your plan for creating a referral explosion is ready for take-off!  This day will be one of the single greatest investments you can make in your business this year!


Breakfast or Lunch (dependent on time)
Pre-event materials
Day-of materials


Spend four hours building your Referral Generating Plan



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 Workshop Content

Referral Accelerator Session

Dig in and follow my “how to” 5 step process as we create and implement your referral generating plan immediately. Along the way you will learn:

  • The referral marketing basics (mindset, truths, and 3 Platinum Principles™)
  • The fit between your Client Experience and Referral Experience
  • Categorizing the WHO of your referral strategy
  • How to structure your experiences for a year-long plan
  • Ideas to connect and foster better relationships with your referral sources (many examples shared for you to borrow!)

You will leave the workshop with your 2018 Referral Generating Plan built and automated within your business.

*Some pre-work is provided and recommended so you can complete your referral generating plan within the workshop time frame.  All templates and resources are provided.


Live Referral Accelerator Workshop
8:00 am to Noon

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Program Results & What Others Are Saying…

“After attending Stacey’s Referral Accelerator workshop we followed her program and segmented our customers. We then offered one group of referral sources a special touch point. In just the three weeks since the touch point, we’ve seen three huge orders from one customer, two from another, and three referrals from a third. We’ve got a whole calendar of ideas we’re going to do this year. Nice work on the program Stacey! It works!

– Dan Haggerty, International Minute Press

“Stacey’s workshop was a crash course in HOW to create and implement an effective referral strategy.  No fluff.  No “here’s WHAT to do, but if you want to know HOW, you can sign up for my bigger program.”  She gave us the goods! I began implementing the strategy on January 1st.  By January 11, I already had 2 calls from past clients who wanted to work with me again to buy a car, and TWO NEW REFERRALS for potential car buying clients.  And that was just from sending one touch point!  I can’t wait to see (and track) how my business grows as I implement the entire referral strategy that I learned from Stacey.

– LeeAnn Shattuck, The Car Chick

“I had to share the positive impact on our strategic referral plan thanks to you! The results speak for themselves. I am ecstatic and very motivated to continue on this path. Here are the results comparing first quarter of 2016 to first quarter of this year.  In 2016, 47 accounts were referred to us resulting in 20 new clients. BUT in 2017 – after implementing just a few touch points…83 accounts were referred to us resulting in 43 new clients.  That means we were referred 77% more accounts resulting in 115% increase in new clients from JUST referrals!!!

– Michelle O’Connor
O’Connor Insurance Associates

Additional Testimonials & Results…

Results: Quadrupled referrals in one year.

“The plan is brilliantly simple…it is amazing and it works.”

– Lorin Beller
Business Coach & Life Strategist

Results: Triple digit referrals year after year.

“I AM EXPERIENCING REFERALS LIKE NEVER BEFORE!  I am stunned at the results that I am receiving.”

– Gray Langley, CPA
Farris Cooke & Associates

Results: 57% of new clients generated by referrals in record time.

“Stacey’s referrals program was excellent.  The program layout, worksheets and templates were REALLY EASY to follow.”

-Wendy Petricoff
Parenting Coach