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Hey there soon to be friend. I’m Stacey.

I’m a Red Sox loving, married to a die-hard Yankee fan, Southern girl from South Carolina who happily calls Charlotte, NC home (though I dearly loved my three years in Boulder, CO).

I’m a wife to one, mother of three and a big supporter of the entrepreneurial dream.

My entrepreneurial journey has had its ups & downs…a consulting business with big name clients (like KPMG, Snyder’s Lance, Coca Cola Bottling Consolidated) that ended in business failure.  I then found myself back in a 9 to 5 job (the longest 15 months of my life).  But God is good and I was able to get back to the entrepreneurial dream running my current business which is now totally thriving (and kicking biz #1’s butt.)

Becoming an entrepreneur wasn’t a crazy stretch for me.  In fact, my family is crawling with entrepreneurs but the crazy kind of entrepreneurs.  Yes, I think you are crazy to own a restaurant but I can say that because I know firsthand…I’m the granddaughter, daughter, sister and wife of crazy restaurant owners).  But there is one big difference that separate me from them.  And that is my business failure.

What I’m All About

We’ll get a bit more into my story in just a moment but let’s chat real quick about what I’m all about.

If you’re a business owner or professional that has to create relationships with your clients before they will agree to work with you and you believe from those relationships, there should be the possibility of referrals…you’re in the right place.

If you’re in a saturated marketplace (sometimes called “dime a dozen” professions) where there are a lot of people who do what you do – like financial advisors, realtors, business and life coaches, CPAs, attorneys, bankers, interior designers, home builder (and so many more) – and you want an easy yet effective way to stand out and make generating clients easier…you’re also in the right place.

If you are interested in growing and sustaining your business through referrals but don’t want to have to ask, manipulate or be inauthentic in the process…then you are definitely in the right place.

My Referral Philosophy

Yes, I have a philosophy on the best way to generate referrals.  I know there are many ways to generate referrals but I believe my way is the best way.  Let me tell you why.

Every expert or guru out there teaches what they know, supposedly (wink, wink).  They form a philosophy that is at the center of what they believe and then teach.  And the philosophy informs the strategies and processes they teach you.  From those strategies and processes come the tactics and tools they believe you need to use to be successful.

So, when you make a decision to listen to an expert or guru make sure you understand their philosophy first.  It allows you to be a better consumer of their message, marketing and ultimately their materials and products.

So, to fully understand what I am all about it is important you understand my philosophy.  Then you decide if it works for you.

Referrals come from relationships.

Relationships come from connections.

And connections are built through ongoing touch points.

Keeping reading as I’ll tell you how I came to form my philosophy and the results it has generated.

Here’s How I Can Help You Grow Your Business

I believe referrals are the least understood, least utilized and hands down the BEST tactic in our Sales & Marketing/Business Development toolbox.

I believe the ability to generate referrals is a skill you NEED to master…and totally can…all while respecting your comfort zone.

I’m a contrarian to the decades of advice out there on generating referrals and I know it.  I also have results on my side so I know you don’t have to follow the conventional advice just because it’s all that has been available for the last 30 years or so.  Most advice given on generating referrals is to receive referrals you have to ask.  To receive referrals, you need a gazillion touchpoints mailed and emailed every month or week.  And to receive referrals you have to know how to manipulate the situation.

In my opinion these are all wrong. Dead wrong.  And it is this type of advice that leads people to write off referrals as a practical strategy to use to grow their client base.

I know there are plenty of businesses out there doing just fine without generating referrals in their business.

All I can offer you is this: by building a plan to generate referrals in my business and those of my clients, we are able to save time, bring on better clients and make more money.  We know that by following the plan – the system – we can count on referrals consistently and continuously (and not feel uncomfortable).

The cool thing is, you don’t need to spend much money (or time) in order to see success.  You just need to have an understand of WHAT to do (the HOW) and a shoestring budget.

My Story

In 2007 I decided to take the entrepreneurial leap and left my safe W-2 job to join a small company where I would come in as a partner and run and manage a new division completely in line with my expertise.  (I was 4 weeks pregnant at the time and didn’t know it – not the best timing – just sayin’).  A year later, with a 4-month-old, I had a client encourage me to leave that small firm and start my own company.  They would become my first and biggest client for two years.  Until they weren’t and then I had to quickly start bringing on new clients to survive.

It didn’t end well and I wish I could blame the recession.  But that wouldn’t be true.

During months and months of reflection and talking to other successful business owners I discovered where it all went wrong.  One main point of contention was not establishing a system to bring in new clients in a way that worked for me.

My clients had to know, like and trust me to hire me.  And they were more willing to take the recommendation of a colleague than just randomly find me on the internet.  So all that “brand and credibility” building I did was for not.  (Not even my articles published in impressive magazines or my interview with Bloomberg News could save me.)

What I needed – but didn’t have – was a way to generate referrals.  While working at the “corporate” job after the business failed I researched referrals.  But I didn’t like what I found.  It didn’t fit me, my values and it left me feeling inauthentic.

So, I set out to crack the code on generating referrals WITHOUT asking and crack it I did.  Once I left the job and started my next entrepreneurial adventure I applied my referral strategy and had crazy success.

I have been able to generate triple digit referrals (more than 100) year over year.  In my first year alone as a business coach I generated 112 referrals that I did not ask for.

When demand for my coaching services went up, supply went down and my clients noticed.  It was harder to get on my schedule and they wanted to know why.  So, I started teaching them my referral plan and they started having the same success as well.   In some cases, better success than me.  ☺

So today, in addition to sharing my knowledge over on my blog and YouTube channel, I create training programs for relationship building business owners who want to generate clients consistently and continuously by referrals without having asking for them.  I love helping people realize it is easier than you think once you know what to do.

My programs are based on my years of testing – on myself and with my clients – and figuring out what works.  You could say I’m obsessed with all thing referrals.  (I totally am!)

If you’d like to get started learning now, you can download my resources, join my free Facebook Group – Referrals Without Asking and sign up to join my next free 5 day challenge to jumpstart your referrals. The challenge is delivered over 5 days via email and provides you with 5 simple, actionable steps to take to jumpstart referral generation in your business.

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Thanks for taking time to stop by and read this.

Thanks for being awesome!

Here’s your referral success!

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