30 Ways to Take Control of Your Referrals (Cool Infographic too)

So if I can’t ask for referrals and I can’t pay for referrals, how in the heck do I generate referrals?

Excellent question.

And it is one I hear a lot.

My answer is always the same…just because you shouldn’t ask for referrals or pay for them doesn’t mean you do nothing.  You just have to know what to do and then do it consistently to generate referrals in your business.  It is how I consistently generate triple digit referrals (over 100) year in and year out in my coaching practice.  Or how an attorney has generated 2,730 referrals in the last 13 years (that’s approximately 210 referrals per year).  Or how a CPA brings in 57% of new clients by referral in only two months.

To generate referrals you have to follow a process and you have to stay consistent.  So let me help you get started (as in right now).

In honor of Thursday, March 30th being National Take Control Day… I have created a list of 30 Ways to Take Control of Your Referrals.  The time is now for you to take control of how you generate new clients for your business.

In some ways…taking control of your referrals is really simple and easy like #2, #4, #5 and #18 on the 30 Ways list.

In other ways you’ll need to do a little work to be organized and have a process you can follow like #11, #13, and #17.

And you’ll need to have the right mindset for generating referrals to truly work, like #1, #16, #21, and #24.

But all of this is completely doable…you just have to start and build from where you are.

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— Generating new clients through referrals will save you time (no more cold calling, networking or prospecting).

— Generating new clients through referrals will make you more money (referral clients value you before they have met you).

— Generating new clients through referrals will allow you to be the problem solver for your clients, not the salesperson to your clients.

Referrals can be and should be your business’ life line.  But you have to be in control of them to leverage them.  Isn’t it time you learned how?

I hope you enjoy the 30 Ways to Take Control of Your Referrals infographic. Download it today and reference if often as you take control of your referrals…once and for all!

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